My name is Lucas Okrasiak
I’m an IT consultant specializing in data storage and backup. I work out of my home office in London, I have over 15 years’ experience in this IT field. Over that period of time I helped over 1000 of clients, these includes:
  • Home users, people who had loads of pictures, videos, music and any other data files
  • Professional business like photographers, video editors, music editors, who were looking for a storage for their live projects of post-production as well as some additional backup solutions for all mentioned work.
  • Small & medium businesses who required a new network infrastructure and again some storage/backup solution for all their data.
  • Finally the Enterprise class businesses who needed a bespoke solutions for their data to be secure, quickly accessible.

There are certain manufacturer of products I do work with for years which has earned my trust therefor I will be putting you into the right direction.

This blog, its content and opinions are my own. I blog about technology, gadgets, hardware, diversity, where we’re going and where we’ve been. I’m excited about community, social equity, media and IDEA OF WORKING FROM HOME OR ANY PLACE ACTUALLY.

Probably at this stage you are wondering on why I have started this blog?

When I started working from home I had so many question like:

  • What would be the right equipment
  • What do I need
  • What if my computer fail
  • How do I approach backup
  • How to make sure I have internet connection
  • Would internet be fast enough
  • What if I will suffer a power cut
  • What if I spend day watching youtube and being unproductive
  • What if I empty my entire fridge within 30minutes
  • and so on, you get an idea…

There are many questions similar to the listed above which all of us may face at some stage in our life, we need to find out if working remotely is for us, if we have enough self discipline and patience, can we do that.

I went through all of it and I was able to develop a bespoke path to success, as everyone has different needs and skill set I would like to take this blog further and explore other ideas which hopefully you would find interesting.

Sounds like a good deal? Bear with me and join me in this journey!