Today we will talk about work/life balance, this is very important to keep you sane and to get your work done perfectly, you don’t want to be that guy or this girl who is watching youtube videos during working hours, you don’t want to be seen as workaholic replying to emails on Sunday evening either.

The key here is to have a transparent agenda. I can suggest you use this pattern for 2-3 weeks and this will help you adopt to certain changes.

Try to wake up at the same time every day, go to bed at set, same hour too, this will help with your biological clock and it will set it up the correct way.

Do exercises in the morning, you probably want to allocate anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour and do mix of cardio as well as some strength-training exercises too, this will prepare your body for the day and will give you a natural kick to start it well. During work-out you can use this time to catch up with news, listen to favourite podcast or audiobook. After that there is a time for a shower and healthy breakfast with your favourite coffee or tea.

Now there is probably a right time to start your work, reply to all the emails first so there is no backlog created, see what you have on your planner for a day, don’t forget to have a lunch, preferably at same time every day, make sure you are not rushed and you can finish eating it properly.

Around 10-15 minutes before you suppose to finish work, make sure to check your agenda for next day, make a little to do list, stuff which is written will get executed, stuff which is in your head, might get forgotten or other things may come first, always stay with the plan.

After your work in finished make sure you make a solid, clean cut for a day, if you have to, switch off your phone, mute devices so work emails won’t bother you, you did your duty and now it is a time for you and your family. When you get anything work related crossing your mind, try to apply techniques from meditations, think of something else, something which will re focus your mind. Think how the car or cycle wheel spin, try to visualise it. Do whatever you love doing, this is your reward for staying with the plan. Next day repeat the process. That is it really, simple?

If you think about it is pretty easy and you may say this is not a big deal but many fail to follow these simple steps, that is why you should know your body and mind, you can “install” a certain day pattern into your brain by doing same thing every day, body will follow it, brain will make its own arrangements and after 2-3 weeks you wouldn’t even need a clock to wake you up. You will also know when your morning training is finished and when there is a certain time of a day.

Hope this quick “manual” will help you to keep a healthy work-life balance.

All the best,


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