Planning our life doesn’t always goes with the reality. Sometimes or even all the time we are exposed to difficulties. When working remotely, these difficulties can set certain boundaries and affect our productivity. Most common obstacles include these three factors (but are not always are limited): noise, hunger, inability to have clear, focused mind.

It is very important to stay healthy in the process so definitely start your day with a breakfast, do not forget about the lunch either. If you need a boost during working hours, have a banana or two, these usually provide you with enough power to complete the task successfully. Avoid sparkling drinks and sweets, these will provide an illusion only but in the long term will damage your health and get you addicted to them. Do not forget to drink water during your work, you should really drink between a litre or two to keep your body hydrated. If you are hungry, nothing will get done as your body will be sending signals that it does require something to eat. If ignored you will get a headache and then nothing will get done. That’s pretty much all about the “hunger” bit.

Let’s move into the next one: “inability to have a clear, focused mind”.
Usually the cause of that coming from stress so it is best to eliminate it completely, it is not easy at first but if you will be disciplined enough you will fight the stress successfully. Start your date with exercises, give your body a daily dose of good training, during the day do random, small breaks to make sure you are not sitting all the time, relax your muscles, close your eyes, try to meditate, this is actually one of the best methods when fighting with stress. Do not forget to sleep well, your body needs at least 8hours of sleep, make sure you have comfortable mattress so you don’t make your back suffer.

The third obstacle is noise. Yes, as much as you may like to be surrounded by people, you will get constantly destructed, if you don’t live alone and cannot find a quiet spot to get your work done, get decent noise cancelling headphones. I’m planning to do product reviews soon, so please stay tuned for that. I have mentioned in previous posts that I’m using Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones NC700, these I purchased quite recently but they are priceless when it comes to fighting with noise, battery will last for 20hours on single charge, you can setup a noise cancellation to level 10 so no noise will get through, you can play quietly some relaxing music if this helps with your focus and you can even answer your work phone calls on them, these comes with 8 microphones which helps you with noise cancelling feature as well as will act as a microphones to have a decent, crystal clear conversation and allow you to have your hands free while you do so. On top of it all they are very light so you can definitely keep them for 8 hours on your head without causing any harm to your head.

I hope these three rules will help you create a working requirement you will be happy with and on top of that your performance will increase significantly.

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