I had few emails asking on how my working day looks like so I decided to invite you to my daily life routine. These days I don’t need alarm clock, everyday I wake up at the same time, at 5:38AM.

First thing what I do is trying not to wake my family (wife and 5 year old daughter), I’m opening the doors gently and letting the dogs out (we have English Cocker Spaniel – Lucky who is 10years old and French Bulldog – Rosie, she is only 3months old), depend on weather condition I usually go for a short walk in our garden and listening to birds to set my day with positive vibes. This usually takes no more than 10-15minutes, after I return, I provide a fresh water to our parrot – Coco (he is a one year old pink cockatoo, also called Galah), then there is a time for my morning hygiene.

Around 6:10AM I’m preparing a coffee for myself and start reading Apple News, checking currencies and stock market data, every day a quick glance so I know what is going on around me. Around 6:30am, I’m doing a first tranche of my work, I check LinkedIn profile, catch up with emails and even having chats with some of my clients, usually the ones who are available at this time are from South Korea and Japan, usually that kind of work takes 30-40minutes and generally I’m free around 7:00-7:10am, where I take iPad with me and go downstairs to my home gym. I start my exercises with stretching and then I move onto the treadmill where I walk quickly (around 5mph, 8kph), this takes 40-50minutes and during this time I tend to listen to audiobooks, watch BBC on iPad or listening to music. My workout finish usually by 8am when I take quick shower and have a breakfast.

At 8:20-8:30am I’m back to work again, this time it takes me until around 11:00am to get all main work sorted and I’m doing another break for a fruit, it is important to not be disturbed when I’m eating so I set my devices on “do not disturb” mode. Break like that does not take more than 10 minutes and it is a very important one as I can stretch my body a little. My work continues to around 2pm where I have a lunch, occasionally I’m having a cup of coffee or tea, depend on mood. I’m also going downstairs to my gym room and I’m practising meditation for around 20-25minutes, this helps with focus and calm you down reducing any stress you may have. Entire break do not take more than 40 or 45 minutes but it is a vital part of the day to keep a healthy balance, you want to keep your body and soul at satisfying level all the time.

When I’m back to work I’m always finishing it at 5pm, no questions asked, you should be able to make a clean cut between your working life and your actual life. This time round we are having a family supper and I’m playing with my child. At around 7pm, I do check my emails again and I’m updating notes of anything which needs to be done next day, often I catch up with clients from US region if they wish to have some consultation, this doesn’t happen often and usually work of that kind takes no longer than a 15minutes. At 8pm I do check Apple news again to see if I missed anything and I’m having some entertainment time, it could be a movie, a book or anything else.

I prepare for my bed time at around 9:45pm to make sure I always go to sleep at 10pm. In weekends I schedule tasks differently, putting a priority on my family. That is it really, I hope you enjoyed reading about how my day looks like.

I also hope that you liked the article with product review I did last week, I’m planning to do more and more of these and to include programs and apps I’m using, these hopefully can help some of you to find best possible tools to work remotely.

In future I will be trying to make interviews with other people who work at home, if you have interesting story to share, please use “contact me” tab on this site and I will be absolutely thrilled to have a quick interview with you!

All the best,


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