Exercise is a very important factor for human being, especially if you are working from home, assuming you spend most of your day attached to the desk.

Many will say that they have no time available, same excuses are given by people who want to meditate but never come to actually do that.

The golden rule here is to just set the alarm and wake up 1 hour earlier than usual, by performing exercises every morning you will became a happier, more efficient, reliable, emotionally stable person who will have a lower risk of being stressed and overweight, not to mention that morning workouts help to burn fat, reduce unnecessary calorie consumption, lower your blood pressure as well as lower the risk of diabetes.

It must be said that this isn’t an overnight transformation, but the process start in your head so first you need to plan your trainings and then action upon them. It will certainly take time to coach yourself into rising with the sun so why not starting slowly by moving your bedtime and wake-up time up by 15 minutes each day until you reach your goal of let say 1 hour, if you feel that you need more time in the morning, just continue changing your clock by 15 minutes every day until you accomplish your goal. Only by starting small, you don’t put a shock to your body and you will be able to develop a healthy habit. This by the way works for other habits you wish to put within your daily routine.

Start your day with a full glass of water, this will have immediate effect on you and you would not fall asleep, it will also help rehydrate your body after hours of sleep, just in time for your morning exercise! It is worth mentioning that having a glass of water as a first thing in the morning increases your metabolic rate by 30%.

Don’t forget to stretch your body before you start with any exercise, without doing it, you may cause injuries. Your body has been stiff and locked up all night so you definitely need to prepare your muscles for the training. You can also prepare for that before you go to the bed at night, you can achieve that by practising yoga, meditation or simple breathing as it releases tension throughout your body, increases levels of oxygen to your muscles and activates your nervous system which is naturally helping you relax for sleep.

If you do not have gym equipment at home, you can still exercise by going for a walk, just make sure you walk faster than regularly if you don’t fancy running, this will be considered as a training and will help you with exposure for day’s challenges.

If you are not best in keeping to these rules, try to get something like Apple Watch, it is a fantastic device which will motivate you to do training and exercises, it will look after your health and it will even notify you every time you achieve a goal. I’m personally awaiting a series 6 Apple Watch as it seems that it will have native apps to help reducing stress as well as monitor your sleep, I’m currently a (not so much) proud owner of series 0, the first Apple Watch which was introduced back in 2015, it still can act as a tool for workouts as well as can monitor your sleep thanks to third party apps but sadly after 5 years of use and no updates being available for this device it is becoming a redundant tool. You can still pick them up for £50-£80 and it can be a great buddy for your morning workouts.

Hope you have enjoyed the article, take care and see you all next week,




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