When you work at home and self discipline isn’t exactly your strength you may want to think of how to change this by developing new habits. Once you invest your time, a little of discipline and regime to your daily patterns you will be able to improve your life to the level that most things would just run on autopilot.

Why considering habit development?

Every time you learn more skill wherever this is a new language or something else you became an owner of another tool which will be helpful at some point in your working or personal life. By creating certain habits you became more consistent and more mature person so you will be seen better in eyes of others, you will also feel more confident with what you know so far and with who you are. Certain habits can help you with learning, exercising, working, even can improve your diet. Your health and wealth is based on your habits wherever they are good or bad, obviously a goal here will be to get rid of the bad ones, implement new, good ones and master the existing good ones at the same time.

Your brain is highly programmable and absolute love when you install certain patterns and behaviour in it. I was doing a little research as well as my personal experience to write down some new habits tactics which you can implement now:

  1. Begin your adventure with basic habits installation

First you need to learn on how it works and what it takes to develop new habits. To do this you need to start pretty simply, avoid drastically changing your life and things you used to otherwise you can over motivate yourself and then your brain will assign learning ability with something painful and unpleasant. If you are planning to let say develop workout training habit every day, don’t run for an hour or two, instead, stimulate your body for just 10-15minutes for the first week and then increase it slightly, repeat that method with every habit you wish to work on and they will get better. List new habits which you would want to welcome in your life and score them from easiest to most difficult leaving the hardest on the bottom of your list.

  1. Make it your everyday effort

If you want to make your habit stick you will need to be devoted to it. Whatever is you trying to introduce to your life, you absolutely must repeat every day so your brain can adopt to it and learn it. Instead if you do that only 2-3 times per week, it will be recognised as a hassle not a pattern so it will make it much harder to form that habit.

  1. Consistency is a key

Try to link your habit to same time and place every day. If you will be for example training in the local park every day at 7:00am, after certain period of time, you will be running on autopilot, same with work, if you start your day with replying emails or creating to do list, it will stick this way. But make sure you always do them at the same time, at the same place so you give your brain chance to “install” that pattern for good.

  1. Dedicate 3-4 weeks

You will need 3-4 weeks to make your habit automatic. You can mark your calendar or set reminders using your computer/smartphone/tablet applications to remind you about certain task every day at the same time and after 3-4 weeks this should become a normality.

  1. Think about the goal, your goal

You are going to develop new habits to became better you, remember that after every successful adaptation of a new good habit or a skill there is a reward, it may not be instant but you can be sure that it will pay you back in the future.

Which habit changed my life the most?

During my working remotely life, I was forced to develop new habits if I wanted to continue what I was doing. In order to achieve that I decided to come up with the plan and successfully start improving my life.

There were many obstacles to deal with and some of them you can check on “obstacles when working remotely” article as well as the other one which is “what to avoid when working remotely” BLOG post.

Definitely meditation played a big role as this helped me to stay focused and neutralise the stress impact on day to day life. I feel that I became more mature of a type. You can read more about meditation in one of my previous articles.

As always I hope that these tips are helping to improve your working life and that you became a better person.

Feel free to share on what are the habits which you will try to implement in your life? Please share them with me in the comments section below.

All the best,


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