Back in a day, which could be not known for some, people used to live without offices before and we can do that again. Thousands of people has been forced to work from home this year thanks to Coronavirus spread, many of them are asking on when they can go back to work again, but shall we ever come back to office work?

Working remotely is far more productive

We have covered this is many articles before so feel free to have a pick. In short companies and corporations have wasted loads of time on unnecessary, lengthy meetings as well as office chatters. Many of these companies have to now adopt to a new working remotely system, at first it isn’t easy but once you do it properly and learn certain patterns, your work will be 100% more efficient to the one conducted in the office. Some employers, mainly from these small companies are worried that people will be spending their days playing games, watching TV or YouTube and doing other not work related things but actually nobody is doing this, maybe we should finally put that silly thought to the bed. It turns out that if we are given freedom as well as trust, we would actually work properly!

Working from home gives you more hours in a single day

The theory of capitalism is that it works because everyone gets paid for doing what they do best. This isn’t 100% relevant as otherwise we will be earning money for driving our car around. The average commute time is generally close to an hour per day, this is only when you live close enough, maybe a single bus/trip away.

Many use cars to commute but sometimes they are stuck in traffic. While working at home you have probably seen the benefits of getting all these hours back, imagine not coming back to office, this all time is just given to you, now you can do whatever you want with it, you can start a garden, clean your house, even you can write your own book, we have covered this in article from a week ago.

Working remotely is bringing families together

Until this very year, having two parents at home meant there is Christmas time. Right now this is reality for many, before you were given these two options: you could either spend more time with the kids or you could make more money so the same kids could have better start in life.

It was so easy to “forget” about kids when you simply didn’t had time, the daily commute, the burn out you faced during every day travel made you feeling exhausted during the weekend. Now the quality of life is much better, you have time to do whatever you want before and after work, weekend is just the award for healthy work pattern during the week. Remote work can indeed help many families which are broken.

Working from home is isolating you but can actually gives you tighter communities

Many of us while occupied full time by our job and travel to and from it have very little time to make friends. This means they are only able to build relationships at work which could lead to a problem. Your work friends could be fantastic but let’s face it, when the job ends, so the friendship. Working from home can certainly allow us to build relationships with people who are not tied to our work as we have more time for it.

Working from home improves quality of food!

We all did that, quick breakfast eaten in a hurry, prepared in less than couple of minutes, or worse – forgotten breakfast, quick coffee on empty stomach – that weird taste in mouth in the morning, that take away grabbed straight after work or during the work, these “healthy” fruit options with stuff coated in preservatives so it will last weeks on the shop display… We all can refer to this, by working at home you have time to look after yourself, you can cook what you like with healthy ingredients, you can even plant your own vegetables and fruit.

Of course not everyone has a garden or even ability to manage acres of crops and buildings filled with animals but certainly you can grow your own herbs at least! You can produce higher quality of vegetables for all your meals, you can even get stuff from local farm place. This all will improve your health as well as will provide a decent quality of food you are eating.

You can save our planet by working from home

Time in quarantine has proven few things, Italy’s rivers are cleaner than ever, pollution has gone down drastically, this lead to clearer skies, As we all were sitting at homes, the Earth taken a giant sigh of relief.

A solution is to keep everyone working at home, cars wouldn’t have to clog up the roads every day, we can start planting forests where offices used to be. This year we have helped the planet by accident, in near future we could do it on purpose.

Working remotely gives us all a fantastic opportunity to be healthier, cleaner and more connected to the outside world!

Do you also think that we should work remotely, forever? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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