Most people feel like their relationship with their boss is absolutely fine, however if you are finding a little friction with your boss, the remote work will often exacerbate it. Things are not easier if there is a distance between you two.

Here you will find a few ways to remove some of this friction and help you ease your relationship with boss.

First you should really acknowledge there is a problem or some sort of elephant in the room. There might be some boundaries which will come as a problem. You might be an excellent person to manage your own time but once you start demanding more of your boss’ time, especially within time where you should be working may compound the issue.

Easy way around this is to use a low-impact communication method, instead of going directly through phone call or instant messaging service, send an email at the beginning or end of your workday. This way whatever issue you are trying to address want cause too much stress and it would not be approach in the very direct manner which I’m sure would not be appreciated as no one likes to be in that “found in corner” situation.

Usually to be on good terms with your boss, you should have open communication where all expectations are clearly set for both sides. Many work places simply don’t have any type or plan or agenda but this does not mean that you cannot start one. Spend some time planning a schedule and meetings, don’t be afraid to talk about things which are unclear and these which you find difficult, this way you should be able to find a workable way which will work for both of you.

Finally, keep in mind that some people do not communicate the same way you do. Make sure whatever you do is in the certain style of fashion which will be easy to understand by your supervisor, he or she will appreciate that you taken this extra step to level up with their way of communicating. Do not forget that great communication is always a key even if that means doing it a little different that you would like.

Are you having any communication problems with your supervisors? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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