When working remotely, many of us want to focus on delivery and to do that effectively we tend to kill our work-life balance for a sake of better work.

This can bring loads of problems for workers, that will include poor work-life balance, burnout as well as job insecurity. According to research many of workers feel vulnerable due to job uncertainty.

Many on other end believes that working from home is a way to have more flexibility which gives you freedom and will allow you to do other things in the spare time. Imagine situation during the lockdown where your kids are at home, you will be doing a doable duty trying to bounce between your work as well as your children. If you don’t have kids, you will surely be expected to be available all the time and have your work done.

So how you can work normally and effectively?

Well this is a pure idea behind this BLOG, to give you a perspective on how you can improve your hard & soft skills in order to keep healthy work-life balance, be productive at work and at the same time stay sane in every other aspect.

It is up to you how you go about it. If you feel a pressure from your boss, don’t leave it until it became a normality, question it sooner than later and make sure you are understood all the way. Keep all communication in writing and after you had a verbal discussion, make sure to send a summary of that chat in writing so there is some sort of proof, you need to keep your boundaries without moving them.

Is your working day longer when working remotely? Please let me know in the comments below.

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