Working remotely for many years now I was trying to think what is the device everyone should have for easing your date to date work, and as obvious answers we all can list internet connectivity and computer at some sort, there is also another aspect of devices we may want to consider.

Each person’s work is different and everything depends on the nature of the business as well as the use case. While some people make presentations and alike, others such send emails or communicating with people, another group is responsible for creative work such as video editing, writing, music production, photography and so on. Regardless of what is the nature of your business, if you work remotely or consider to do so, you hopefully heard of “data backup”, this can be done using a simple USB stick or drive but sometimes you need more data and conventional hard drive might not be a solution anymore.

Here is when the NAS enters the scene. This is a network attached storage, server if you’d like. It has internals like a computer so you will find a processor, operating memory, motherboard and ports, but they look different and usually they are in the form of external multi bay enclosures which has space to install your drives and then create one big volume protected with RAID for data protection. You may think on why you want to be interested in getting one, there is more than one answer for that and I will try to list as many as possible.

As mentioned before NAS is a server and can be used as one, you can access it from any device (from smartphones to computers), from anywhere (you can configure it to be accessible from outside your network, so if you are not at home or in different country you can still access your data). It serves well as additional storage device, when you need more capacity, or it can be a simple backup for all your important files you have. On top of that you can install many applications which will make your working life easier, you can have it as VPN server if for example you need to access work content under particular network settings or when you are abroad and need to access content available only to a certain geographic location. You can install a VMware image, meaning you can run Windows, Linux or any other operating system straight from the Network Attached Storage, you can then manage your emails, work, communication using for example only a table (or a phone) and NAS.

NAS systems are more advanced these days, many comes with Thunderbolt connectivity as well as super fast 10Gbe Ethernet allowing you even to edit videos straight from the NAS, it is helpful when you are editing very large files (it must be mentioned that these systems will require a specific performance to achieve this goal, but there are many systems which fit description).

Programmers would be absolutely thrilled to hear that many of apps they use for coding exist and are available on NAS, so again, you can do your work with help of NAS. If they would need something more specific that web server, they can install Container station or the Docker and enjoy many other features available to them with a single click.

Creative workers will be pleased to know that their storage and often big projects can be shared with their clients online with ease as well as with security as links you create can be password protected. You can exchange details and projects with your customer base between you/them and your NAS box within minutes if not seconds.

Workers can schedule their automatic backups, archive all the data and access it from any device at any place, many users can be connected to the same NAS at the same time too. It is a very efficient way of working and sharing data which exist in every single business.

There are sadly many CRM programs available to manage your data and contacts if for example you work at sales, you can also install and integrate a mail client.

On top of work aspects, you can also keep your personal data as well as movies and photographs if you’d like, they can be then viewed on any devices you may have. Excellent PLEX server will allow you to stream your favourite movies wherever you are with brilliant quality, and surveillance application will make sure that your IP Camera’s are recording all your home surroundings keeping you safe and protected. All this data which is stored on your NAS can be password protected as well as encrypted if you’d like.

There are many manufactures who offer NAS systems like Synology, QSAN, QNAP, Asustor and many more. If you click on any names, you will be takes to the product page showing you all of these. I have tried them all and so far my favourite choice is Qnap. You can find selection of fantastic NAS boxes configured for you in SPAN.COM

You can also use lucaspersonal as a voucher code at the checkout to get small, additional discount when purchasing a NAS from SPAN.COM

Have you heard about NAS before? What brand are you using? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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