It has been well over a year now since loads of us was forced to work remotely. Are you still struggling to hit your deadlines, stay motivated and complete all your tasks?

Are you familiar with this scenario: it’s well over 9am and you haven’t even made your morning coffee or tea. So far you hit snooze on your phone to allow you extra 5 minutes in the bed. All the usual tips such as morning showers (even these cold ones), healthy breakfast, workout or meditation are not for you any longer? If any of these describe your current state of feelings, it is apparent that you are struggling with your productivity.

This all could be due to a simple change that you no longer have daily commute to work, and other “chores” which were always associated with your office-work life. Now it is way easy to procrastinate, delay stuff, lose your focus. There is no one around to hold you accountable, there is only you, which means it is up to you and your self discipline to make a change.

Here are three tips which should help you to overcome some of these problems:

  1. Improvise that you have a commute to work

When you go to the same location every day, wherever it is your car, bus or train, helps to create some consistency and improving daily routine. Being set up like this on day to day basis creating a vital pattern of productivity.

Create some sort of commute, you can do it by inventing a daily morning schedule, like listening to audiobooks, podcasts, reading or simply going for a walk, alternatively doing some morning workout. The last two will give you a sense that you leave your house and go somewhere and will be closer to your daily work commute.

  1. Try and establish a daily routine

You got to understand the way you work, what is healthy and good for you, and how to adopt some working scenarios to fit your productivity map. Usually people are more productive during mornings, that will be a great time to use to tackle all of the important tasks you may have. Always prepare a plan of action and stick to it, after 2-3 weeks you will see how natural everything becomes.

You will enjoy your work more if you set up the way you are working, you will get more organised and more happy with results and your performance.

  1. Do Calendar Blocking

I have already made an article of that technique so please feel free to browse through my BLOG. What it really means is that you need to identify when you work best and then blocking this time for particular tasks so you would not get destructed in any way.

If you are at the peak of your productivity moment, do not answer phone calls or emails, ignore any other things, just focus on task you blocked your time for. Make sure to announce to your colleagues when you are busy so they would not disturb you in any way.

Once you adapt your attitude towards work as properly as possible, you will see every day successes and massive improvements of your day to day life. If you value your time, you will know how to use it to your advantage and working remotely will just become a pleasure.

Do you know any other tricks which can help with your productivity? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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