Working permanently from your home can come with significant costs. While there is many people who will appreciate the flexibility and perks that working remotely comes with, work from home could also be costing them some valuable career opportunities.

Studies found that 42% of managers say that they sometimes forget about their remote force if employees when assigning the tasks, being overlooked for any opportunities in professional development can be a serious concern to many.

Here are three findings from the surveys which suggests in one way or another that work from home could be harmful for your opportunities in career.

  1. There are fewer opportunities for professional development.

As mentioned above many supervisors sometimes forget about their remote staff, remote workers on other hand also raised their concerns about that. By working remotely you may miss certain career opportunities which are available to your colleagues from the office, there is also a danger of not being able to grow on the job.

  1. There might be additional expenses you have to factor in.

Saving on daily commute or visits to coffee shops every day may sound like you are on track with your savings, however there could be an additional price to work remotely. Think about it, you are constantly at home, use more energy, resources and heating. Often you have no choice but to bring your home office into the workable state which could cost ram and leg, you need to have a decent desk, chair, computer, backup, often your own software. All these can add up over time.

  1. Limited chances for networking.

The most vital component to sustain career opportunities is building relationships with your colleagues. Chances to develop such connections can suffer if you only interact with coworkers through FaceTime meetings. Many remote workers are complaining that working from home permanently hurt their network opportunities and even caused their work relationships to suffer.

There are of course tips and tricks to minimise the negative impact, if you keep reading this BLOG you will find many of them which will help you to accommodate to work from home. This kind of work might not be design to everyone but at the same time everyone can learn on how to do it, having some fun in the process. What’s not to like?

Do you have any other downsides of working remotely? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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