We all sooner or later getting stressed in life, wherever that is caused by studies, work, life in general or financial or health situation. In many of these cases we have no control on what is happening and we start to worry, then this can lead to anxiety and stress.

If you plan to take care of your mental and physical health in the long run, it is absolutely crucial to manage your stress levels. The best ways include taking a nap, taking a bath, hike or even read a novel. Unfortunately there isn’t always a time for these. Here you will find practical tips to reduce stress and most of them take under 5 minutes of your time.

  1. Breath

If you are not keen on meditation, although I highly recommend doing some research and learning basic meditation methods, you can still use one of the principals of it. That are slow, deep breaths which can help lower your blood pressure as well as your heart rate. You can also try pranayama breathing which is a method from yoga and involves breathing through only one nostril at the given time to relive anxiety. It works in similar way to acupuncture which is balancing the mind and body

  1. Listening to Music

This is a big one, you can listen to your favourite songs or even classical or relaxing music, this can be very efficient way to fix a bad mood. Try classical music before the bed time, I highly recommend it.

  1. Go for a quick walk

When you are out of focus or feeling a bit overwhelmed, try to go for a quick walk outside. You will get all the benefits from time only for yourself alone, some physical activity, fresh air and few minutes to go through your thoughts.

  1. Follow the Sun

If it’s sunny outside, go and lift your spirits. Bright, natural light can be a very good treatment for all these suffering from depression, this method can even cheer up healthy people.

  1. Try hand massage

There are plenty of youtube videos explaining how you can massage yourself. You can learn few techniques pretty fast. Hands carry loads of tension. If you apply some lotion and start massaging hands you will relieve stress pretty efficiently.

  1. Try counting to 10

When you are really worried about something and that is causing anxiety. Try to count from 1 to 10 and backwards from 10 to 1. This is a quick method which will try to focus your mind on something else, giving you breathing space.

  1. Always stretch

Standing up and stretching relieve muscle tension and will help you relaxing during a stressful workday. Try this couple of time per day.

  1. Close your eyes

If you close your eyes for 1 minute and relax all muscles when you will listen to your breath, you would not be far from actual meditation. See for yourself if this quick exercise will make you curious about what meditation has to offer.

  1. Use a stress ball

On all stressful days at home, work or even while commuting, try to have a stress ball with you. It’s easy and satisfying to use, portable and absolutely non violent way to relieve tension.

  1. Isolate yourself for 5 minutes

Going somewhere you can be only with yourself with 5 minutes and help collecting and organising your thoughts as well as clearing your head.

  1. Organise your space

This is another quick method to get your mind on track, clean your desk, organise files you working on, do a little bit of reorganising leaving all you need at the top.

  1. Try some Yoga

There is again many tutorials on YouTube showing you basic yoga poses. It will give your body a good stretch but will also help creating a peace of mind too.

  1. Eat some chocolate

This is a bit controversial one, as you are adding sugar to your blood and brain but everything is made for people, isn’t it? If you don’t overdo it, you are fine. Take just one square of chocolate and start slowly enjoying it’s flavour. This can calm your nerves. Also worth pointing that dark chocolate regulates levels of stress hormone called cortisol as well as stabilises your metabolism.

  1. Meditate

Even 5 minute can be enough. It is proven that doing that every day has a very positive impact on your mental and physical health. Just find that quiet place, focus on your breath and get those anxieties to go away.

  1. Play with your pet

If you are working from home and have a pet. Take a break and play with your pet. First, it will make you relaxed and happy but also I’m sure that your pet would not mind it at all.

  1. Chew a gum

This is quick and easy way to get stress levels down. Five minutes of chewing can reduce anxiety and lower your cortisol levels.

  1. Drink Green Tea

Green tea has L-Theanine, a chemical which is helping to relieve anger. Boil some water, pour it out and take a soothing sip.

  1. Laugh

Sounds simple but you are not in the mood, visit youtube and type something along the lines of “funny animals”, I’m sure during 5 minutes of video you will find something which will make you laugh.

19.Write things down

Putting all your emotions on paper can make them weaker. Try journaling before any big day you have and you will calm your nerves quickly.

  1. Talk to your friends

If there is something which bothering you constantly, open up with your friend. A conversation will make you vent and relieve some of the stress.

What are your methods to reduce stress quickly? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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