Christmas is a magical period of the year where all of us spend more money than usually and there are also many opportunities to earn more money.

With a country in national lockdown, people are searching for easy, work from home jobs which may end up to be an absolute scam.

These so-called jobs opportunities will promise you a fat pay check that can be earned wherever you are. Sadly these criminal activity is set the way that it can rip you off money as well as your time.

Job seekers have become sensitive of fake job listings, and scammers had to evolve their nasty tactics to trick them successfully. You need to take extra measures your end and do a little investigation to see if this is a real opportunity or not, time spent now could be time (and money) saved later.

A few of the work from home examples which should raise an alert:

  • mystery shopper
  • Package handler
  • Envelope stuffing
  • Stock trading
  • Direct Sales or multilevel marketing known as MLM
  • All kind of Pyramid Schemes
  • Anything which involves caching checks and wiring money
  • Becoming a product wholesaler or re-seller
  • Directories for work remotely jobs or businesses
  • Taking online surveys
  • Entry-level administrative position
  • Data entry
  • Call centres

Some of above could be legit but you need to do all the checks to ensure it is not a scam !

The another popular trick technique is to set up a website dedicated to exposing work from home scams. This way they are able to funnel people to the few “legit” work at home jobs which are scam in the end. Remember never handing your personal banking details or wire any funds, no employer needs money from employee, you are there to make money not spend money 🙂 If you are unsure on what to search for, please do sign up with agencies who can do the legit checks for you !

I have already wrote a descriptive article on how to avoid being scammed when searching for work remotely opportunity so you may want to check it here.

We are approaching the end of this year, it was very hard for many, for others it was life-changing. Sadly virus affected many people in a very horrific way.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading my BLOG and would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, stay safe and healthy !

All the best,


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