In current days remote work is becoming more and more popular, especially this trend is boosted due to recent Covid pandemic which gave no choice but forced many companies on this planet to basically either switch to remote work or give up and die.

For some remote work became a dream for others it is long lasting curse, although I believe strongly that once you practise anything you will become better at it, so why not doing it with work where literally you spend most of your life working, you may want to do it properly and change it to a delivery of a gravy train !

For all these who struggle to adjust I’m open for one to one consultancy which will help you unleash your potential and create working patters crafted especially for you, I also be doing a course in the future which will empty my head full of knowledge, experience and expertise in this subject.

There are three, probably most important factors which will help you working effectively:

1. Claiming your own space

This is very easy for someone who has a large house or a spare room which can be converted at no additional cost by moving the desk and chair in, however for these who live in a tiny apartments or sharing accommodation or live in houses with children, their options might be very limited. You should start working in quiet environment and either get yourself a decent noise cancelling headphones or a space which is friendly for working. Once you understand how to work and have a plan in your head you will be able to work in any environment as you will be just able to work everywhere.

To start, try to keep your workplace clean, with natural light from the window as well as optional nice view :), Have a desk and comfortable chair, make sure it is fairly quiet!

2. Create a routine and stick to it

I’m sure you are not missing these long, daily commutes to the office but one for certain, they have created a certain pattern so your body was ready for it every day. As this is non existent for you under the new circumstances you may want to create a different morning routine which will kick start your day. Try with some workout, coffee and meditation, ideally a combination of all three. These will allow you to have a fresh start every day. Allow your alarm to still wake you up like you would in the normal “commute to office” scenario but use that time wisely instead.

It is important to have an agenda for every day of your work, tasks which are expected should be outlined and done every day. Sticking to routine will also help preventing you from overworking and will create a culture of setting up healthy boundaries for your work-life balance.

3. Don’t forget about the breaks

Like in every working setup you need to have breaks, they are absolutely essential for your wellbeing as well as to be efficient at work. It will help to set them up at the same time every day. Don’t be afraid to put multiple small breaks on your daily agenda’s, set alarms for them so you can literally stop working when alarm goes off. At first this will feel awkward but only for 2-3 weeks, then the habit will be created and you may not even need to set alarms to remind you about the breaks.

Do you have any other suggestions for our readers? Or maybe there is something which you do and helps greatly with your workflow? Let us know in the comments section below.

As a New Year approaching fast, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy, Productive New Year ! Stay Safe !

All the best,


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