With all these standard nine to five working days which becomes increasingly incompatibility with our busy, over scheduled lives, more workers now seeking flexible alternatives.

If you start your day with a quick check of work emails at the breakfast table, followed by a morning’s work in your garden shed or garage converted to the office, mid day doing school runs and picking emails on the phone, while in the evening working of the tablet while laying on sofa, there is a sign that you have already embraced an entirely new way of working.

All these new technology gadgets allows many of us to work from home, or actually anywhere we want, utilising video conferencing, email connectivity and remote server access to ensure that we all are connected well to our colleagues as we were while working in the office was a thing.

Researches and statistics about the way we work today reveal how the world has changed compared to what it was only a decade ago. According to government figures, 1.3 million of us work at home, with a further 300,000 working in the same grounds or buildings as our homes. Another 2.7 million people said they work in different places when use home as a base. This is approaching a new normal, new level of work expectations for many and employers adapt to this idea changing around their business models making space for all the remote workers.

For millennials and Generation Z, it seems that flexible modes of working are very likely to become the new norm. Have you noticed the new trading coming now everywhere too? Are you planning to work from home indefinitely?

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