We know how Covid-19 pandemic changed how we work and how we spend our time. Post-pandemic world will change the life of many who currently work remotely, we all see what is the difference and what sort of impact this has on our lives.

Many would want to return to the offices where majority, having their eyes opened would use to work from home patters for good. Not only can people work remotely effectively, in many instances they are also working more efficiently.

We all wonder who is going to pay the bills for all those heating, electricity and broadband bills, often we need to purchase our own working tools, equipment, furniture, at the end of a day we design our home offices and that space/room is solely dedicated to work activities, as far as we know if you rent a room to someone you take a profit for that, why you shouldn’t do that when you are effectively renting that space to a business.

Think about all these internet issues, computer issues, noise and many other factors where you are ultimately responsible for. If internet connection disappear at your work place, you all sitting down and there is literally nothing to do, if that happens only for you, at your home, you might be asked to explain yourself and often this may not go lightly on you. Having such responsibility and obligation towards company you work for, shouldn’t that be rewarded in one way or another, if you are going to book a day off as you don’t have electricity because there is a major work on power exchange box near your home, should you not get paid more if you actually deliver and have all measures in place like battery backups and for example mobile internet available?

I believe government should come up with a scheme which will allow to have some proper tax relief to all working at home, we can rent a room tax free up to the certain amount, why this rule do not apply if you “rent” this room to your employer, at the end of the day it is fully occupied, and your household space is very limited due to that one room being off for work reasons.

Work from home is really great as long as you are fully respected and you have your human rights covered. For now the only thing you can do is to outlines all of these “worries” to your employer and see if you can get a pay rise based on your calculation of the extra involved cost, at the end of the day, you pay for electricity, heating and broadband connectivity and these bills are ultimately deducted from your net pay, where your boss is saving all these bills and gaining even more in the long term.

I think these points are pretty valid, what is your opinion? I will be thrilled to read that in the comments section below!

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